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Digital Asset Partnering with Google Cloud

Image Credit | Digitalasset.com

We’re partnering with Google Cloud to provide programmers with a complete stack solution so that they can unleash the possibility of web paced innovation in blockchain, explained Blythe Masters, Chief executive officer of Digital Asset, in a declaration.

The crux of the partnership entails Digital Asset is supplying Google access into a software development kit that will allow the company’s programmers experiment with an intelligent contract programming language called DAML. Digital Asset introduced DAML, that stands to get Digital Asset Modeling Language, in March as a simplified method to get businesses to construct blockchain applications, such as smart contracts, for a wide selection of functions. 

In an interview with Fortune, Pros said firms can use DAML to make blockchain based payment together with other financial solutions for their partners and builders, but the selection of possibilities is a lot broader. The answers are agnostic regarding both asset category and business, she said, citing health care records and media royalties as other instances where DAMLs smart contract tools might be beneficial.

Masters is a well-known figure in this financial world, who ran this commodity desk at JP Morgan before leaving into construct Digital Asset. The startup, that competes with R3 and many others vying to provide blockchain solutions into the corporate world, has gathered attention to get a partnership with this Australian Securities Exchange that succeeds to place stocks on the blockchain.  

Googles move into partner with Digital Asset follows reports in May that this research giant sees blockchain as some crucial ingredient in its own cloud strategy. According into Bloomberg, Google Cloud has already embarked around a series of investments and acquisitions into construct up its blockchain capabilities.

The agreement with Digital Asset is notable because, based on Masters, it amounts into a licensing deal as opposed to an acquisition or an ownership position in this startup. Pros told Fortune this company has extensive connections with Google by its employees, and pointed to the latest Addition to its own board of AG Gangadhar, a high profile scientist and former Google executive.